Health Sanitary Inspector

Public health is a matter of prime concern for all municipal bodies in the State. And in the scheme of things, sanitary health inspectors play an important role in protecting public health as well as the environment in a multitude of ways. Each civic body banks heavily on its health inspectors to deal with public health issues ranging from safety of drinking water to food safety and sanitary conditions. That is why the Sanitary Inspectors’ Diploma course offered by the All-India Institute of Local Self-Government (AIILSG) has become a much-sought-after programme.

Career openings:

The successful completion of the Sanitary Inspector ITI course can land one a sub-managerial technical position in a wide spectrum of organizations and sectors such as the State Directorate of Health Services, Public Health Department, Conservancy Department of Municipal Corporations, Council/Zilla Parishads, hotels and hospitality industry, entertainment industry, Railways, Oil refineries, Travel and Tourism and Food and Drugs Department. Other avenues awaiting qualified sanitary inspectors have to do with sewage disposal units, water supply and disinfection units, agricultural and irrigation sectors, sugar factories, metal, chemical, textile and electrical industries, NGOs in health, education, environment and sanitation sectors and pest control agencies. Career openings for ITI holders as health workers, multipurpose workers, vaccinators, medical assistants, treatment organizers, field assistants, junior overseers or surveyors. The diploma holders who have successfully completed the Sanitary Inspectors’ Course are already working in various capacities in the health Services, Local Bodies, Railways, Oil Refineries, Hotels and Hospitality Industries, Port Trust, Defense Establishment and Airports. In 1962, the Kerala Government recognized the diploma offered by the institute as an essential qualification for the recruitment of Junior Health Inspector Grade II of the Kerala Health Services Department. The institute also trains the students from the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

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